Investment strategy

Scaling European manufacturing champions

We are animated by the conviction that a bright future for manufacturing in Europe depends to a large extent on the ability of established small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to adopt Industry 4.0 technologies to fuel innovation, productivity and investment returns. 

SMEs face significant headwinds in the current business environment: macroeconomic uncertainty, global supply chain disruption, trade wars, pandemics, leading in many cases to fragmentation of demand, dwindling sources of productivity gain and financing dilemmas. Moreover, 70% of such companies struggle to adopt and leverage advanced manufacturing technologies due to high R&D costs, lack of in-house expertise and complex project management requirements.

Fast Forward Manufacturing

Oak Universe acts as a catalyst to overcome these barriers by placing an active value creation approach at the core of our investment approach: providing not only funding but also access to expertise in strategy, operations, technology, human capital, commercial effectiveness and corporate finance. We target our investment and value creation on manufacturing firms that have the need and potential to derive significant performance and value uplift from digital transformation, and also on companies that are themselves producers of the advanced technologies which enable the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Later stage

Later stage manufacturing companies (€100-500m revenue) represent the largest untapped potential for leveraging Industry 4.0. Many companies have grown momentum but are struggling to find the capital and expertise needed to realize the value potential

Minority share

Given the reluctance of many family-owned or founder-managed businesses to give up a majority stake, our approach of taking a minority stake opens a field less explored by classic private equity investing. It also makes for strong alignment of interests in driving value creation which can be sustained beyond the period of ownership

Active Value Creation

Active value creation accelerates performance and generates sustainable results. Our dedicated value creation team support strategy planning and transformation execution. Additionally, our value creation ecosystem provides access to market leading experts, universities, advanced R&D platforms, and partnerships

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