Fast Forward The 4th Industrial Revolution

Scaling Up Manufacturing Champions

A growth Manufacturing Strategy for Europe

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Fast Forward Manufacturing

The power and possibilities of the 4th industrial revolution

Oak Universe provides manufacturing companies with Funding and Expertise to unleash the power and possibilities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Digitalising Manufacturing

The fourth industrial revolution is a way for manufacturers to digitalize their production and distribution capabilities

Re-Industrialising Europe

European countries have largely chosen to offshore manufacturing activities in favour of low-cost countries since the 1980s. Increases in the economic liberalisation and international trade in developing countries presented attractive low-cost markets to produce manufactured goods, such as electronics

Landscape of Electronics Manufacturing

The failure of mass- producers to invest in innovative and efficient production systems

High Volume Manufacturing

Today, the insourcing of European manufacturing is motivated by strategic, economic, environmental, and social considerations

Routes to Reindustrilalisation

For manufacturers reshoring to Europe, distributed production presents the opportunity to utilize Industry 4.0 technologies in local production

About Oak universe

Oak Universe is an investment firm dedicated to the future of manufacturing in Europe. We focus on helping privately-owned, mid-sized manufacturing businesses achieve the next stage of their growth through the adoption of advanced technologies. We do this by providing not only capital, but also a close partnership which brings access to know-how, strategic insight and consulting support in undertaking the projects which drive new value and growth.  


People, Planet and Profit

Every revolution has been about resources, whether human or material. We believe the 4th industrial revolution has the power to reverse the damage caused by the previous industrial revolutions. It’s time to rethink capitalism, be more transparent and do more with less resources.

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