Fast Forward the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Fast Forward the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


Oak Universe invests in companies ready to join the 4IR and transform their businesses. Before every industrial revolution, humanity has found itself on the edge. Those who embraced change and transformed have seen huge growth, while those who hesitated have tumbled. This time, the impact on our businesses and lives will be even greater.

We are different

Oak Universe is a modern and focused investment company fit for the 21st century. We provide companies with the funding and expertise to unleash the power and possibilities of the fourth industrial revolution.

Investment strategy

Our investment universe has two parts: companies that need capital to modernize their production and supply chain to use 4IR technologies and companies that make said 4IR technologies but need capital to expand production


The future came sooner than we thought, the time to invest and ride the wave is now.

– Oak Universe

Now this changes everything

With the promise of exponential growth, the 4th industrial revolution is set to disrupt every industry in every country. Oak Universe is the catalyst that will change not only the investment landscape but how companies and societies operate. The future belongs to those who are able to manage uncertainty and innovate rapidly.

Pushing boundaries

With the advent of Al data and connectivity, the lines between physical and digital worlds are blurring fast. Global supply chains will be rethought as will the relationship between human and machine. With all the possibilities lying ahead of us, there is no looking back


What is holding the 4IR
transformation back ?

The Future came sooner than we thought

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Impact in 3, 2, 1…

Oak Universe provides companies with the funding and expertise to unleash the power and possibilities of the fourth industrial revolution. With advancements in technology and data, government support and the collapse of existing supply chains, now is the time to fast forward your business.

Profit and the planet

Every revolution has been about resources, whether human or material. We believe the 4th industrial revolution has the power reverse the damage caused by the previous industrial revolutions. It’s time to rethink capitalism, be more transparent and do more with less resources.

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