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Our team brings decades of experience scaling European manufacturing companies

The Oak Universe team of investment and value creation specialists – all with outstanding backgrounds in corporate management and innovation, management consulting and investment and private equity – is complemented by an ecosystem of functional and industry experts.

Our values


The speed of change is accelerating. Our way of staying ahead is to think fast and act quickly.


Disrupting old habits in the financial industry will create new opportunities for investment.


We want to prove you can put people, profit and the planet in the same sentence.

People, Planet and Profit

For us at Oak Universe, corporate responsibility is based on three main pillars – People, Planet and Profit. In this way, we can de-risk and create a better approach for all stakeholders – employees, investors and the environment.

We believe that the 3 P’s – People, Planet and Profit – are not conflicting entities. In fact, in the long run, they’re perfectly congruent. From our vantage point, we believe that the fourth industrial revolution is the glue that holds these 3 P’s together. The digitization and de-risking of global value chains will add stability to local employment trends across the world, reduce waste and pollution by producing goods closer to home, and increase both the magnitude and stability of sustainable free cash flows at SMEs.

At Oak Universe, sustainability applies to all 3 P’s. We believe that accounting profit without tangible gains for employees and their environment is likely to be short-term, volatile, and hollow. We always take a long-term view even if it means sacrificing some short-term paper profit in some cases. We help businesses work for ALL stakeholders – employees, investors and the environment – thereby leaving the firm “sustainable” on all counts.

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