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Our ethos is conducive to long-term value-creation for all stakeholders

Oak Universe is a modern and focused investment company fit for the 21st century. At the core of Oak Universe is a group of high calibre industrialists, entrepreneurs, investors and technology experts. The members came together because of a shared passion for creating value for companies and with the belief that the 4th Industrial Revolution will be the biggest investment opportunity over the next decade and the best time to invest in this phenomenon is now.


Our purpose is to disrupt the role of the financial industry in the world.


Our vision is to become a financial partner that enables sustainable growth and helps humanity overcome its biggest challenges.


Our mission is to rethink the financial industry and act as a catalyst for the 4th industrial revolution by providing funding and expertise to companies.

Our values


The speed of change is accelerating. Our way of staying ahead is to think fast and act quickly.


Disrupting old habits in the financial industry will create new opportunities for investment.


We want to prove you can put people, profit and the planet in the same sentence.

Corporate governance & investment policy

We are committed to good corporate governance practices, complying with the laws and regulations as well as applying the highest ethical standards in decision-making and in everything we do. 


We focus on investing in companies that are following a sustainable approach with environmental and social governance (ESG) and always seek a positive long term impact. The audited factors include Environmental factors such as emissions and deforestation, Societal factors, such as working conditions and diversification as well as Governance factors such as corporate policies and stakeholder rights & impact.


Our administrative and executive bodies are the General Meeting of Shareholders, Board of Directors, Remuneration Committee, Audit Committee, Development Committee, Nomination Committee, CEO as well as Management of the Company operations. The Board of Directors acts as the highest decision-making body.

People, Planet and Profit

For us at Oak Universe, corporate responsibility is based on three main pillars – People, Planet and Profit. In this way, we can de-risk and create a better approach for all stakeholders – employees, investors and the environment.


We believe that the 3 P’s – People, Planet and Profit – are not conflicting entities. In fact, in the long run, they’re perfectly congruent. From our vantage point, we believe that the fourth industrial revolution is the glue that holds these 3 P’s together. The digitization and de-risking of global value chains will add stability to local employment trends across the world, reduce waste and pollution by producing goods closer to home, and increase both the magnitude and stability of sustainable free cash flows at SMEs.


At Oak Universe, sustainability applies to all 3 P’s. We believe that accounting profit without tangible gains for employees and their environment is likely to be short-term, volatile, and hollow. We always take a long-term view even if it means sacrificing some short-term paper profit in some cases. As 4IR Partners, we help businesses work for ALL stakeholders – employees, investors and the environment – thereby leaving the firm “sustainable” on all counts.

This is how we apply them in all our processes:


Effective KPIs measurements to ensure reliability and sustainable approach.


Designing effective new business models & value creation process.


Keep equality with diversified backgrounds and expertise. An open approach for multi beneficial results.


Multi stakeholder governance and effective decision-making process for stability and effective countermeasures.

Join the revolution

We’re constantly looking for new talent to complement our eclectic group of entrepreneurs, engineers, operations experts, investors and bankers. Together, we’re building a holistic view of the fourth industrial revolution and leading the transformation from the front. We are 4IR experts who put their money where their ideas are, and roll up our sleeves to ensure our investments pay off.


If you’re interested in our open positions, please contact


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